As we look to return to providing our in office services during this uncertain time we have developed this information to help you stay informed and safe through Covid-19.


Therapist Procedures

We have extensively analysed what our therapist does on your worksite, who they meet and what they come into contact with. Using this information we have built some common sense procedures to guide our therapists through managing on site hygiene. This policy is here to protect our therapists, your staff and reduce the risk of possible contamination.

Risks to your health

We are very aware that bringing our therapists into your workplace will open up your bubble and can pose a risk to your health. We have worked with our therapists to build a gold standard training program and certification process. All therapists must complete this before commencing contract work. Through this process we have performed an in-depth risk assessment of our work and highlighted the most at risk areas. While it may not be possible to eliminate all risk our new policy is built on minimising all areas of risk to your team.

We are committed to working with you to align our policies and ensure there is trust between your team and our therapists, if you have specific needs or requirements outside of our policy we will develop a workplace specific plan to meet your needs.

In the interests of transparency you can download our full policy and risk assessment here.


Contact tracing

Our digital booking system is a centre point of our contact tracing system and we have expanded the information recorded to align with the Governments advice on contract tracing Covid-19.

The morning of your in office service you will receive an email with every appointment, and the contact information for everyone who has booked. This sheet will act as our “Contact Log” for our therapist on site. We automatically store these logs on our server and ask that you keep 2 month’s worth of them as per government guidelines.

Payment systems

with the online booking system staff will be able to pay for their session in advance, there will be no “cash on the day” option moving forward. This is to reduce the contact with staff/team members. Our online system allows for your staff to manage their own appointments and receive refunds up to 24 hours in advance of the appointment.

Hands off Solutions

In The Business Bubble your staff will find a selection of mindfulness tools built for managing workplace stress and rapidly changing situations. At the core of the Business Bubble are a range of short meditations focused on key workplace roles or stress points. The resource centre offers presentations of information on developing new team skills.

The Business Bubble is your space to relive stress and gain new confidence in your skills.