Quick, easy on-site massage – a great way to  give people a boost! Our corporate workplace massage services are a proven way to relieve tension and increase productivity, plus it gives staff members a more positive and valued outlook on their role within your company.

People working at desks for long periods hold tension in their arms and shoulders, and are very susceptible to Gradual Process Injuries (GPI, RSI & OOS). Our professionally trained therapists are extremely beneficial in helping prevent and relieve these symptoms.

Guaranteed to bring out the best in your staff! Our corporate on-site massage service has been specifically designed to maximize effectiveness and minimize interruption.

We supply comfortable, high quality massage chairs, and offer a clothes-on service, focusing on neck, shoulder, back, arms and hand massage.

We offer quick massage sessions from as little as 10-minutes each, either paid by the company or the individuals, during office hours or lunch breaks. Every massage therapist is fully qualified and insured with Police clearance, and you have no contracts to sign.


The benefits to your staff mean benefits to your business:

  • Save money through lessened absenteeism

  • Save time through improved staff retention and decreased new training of new staff

  • Maximize production through increased energy and concentration levels

  • Create better customer service for your clients

  • Enjoy a more positive and friendly work environment

“From my point of view, the massage service is an excellent way to give something back to the staff. In a busy contact centre, with the constant routine of sitting, typing and talking, it is imperative that staff take time out to relax and loosen up. A fortnightly massage is in most cases ‘just what the doctor ordered’.

Alex Smith – Residential Team Manager, TelstraClear

Benefits for your staff means benefits for your company