Quick, easy on-site massage – a great way to give your event a boost and help you stand out from the crowd!

Would you like a simple solution to help you stand out in the crowd? Be remembered as the company with a point of difference at your next event, or be the company who rewards their top clients and staff!

Are You:

  • having a conference or convention?

  • exhibiting at a trade show or expo?

  • engaging in team building, a staff appreciation day, training seminars or a Health & Wellness day?

  • looking for a way to reward your top clients?

  • needing an incentive to reward staff?

  • having a sports event for your staff or sports club?

  • launching a new product or a radio promotion?

  • engaging in a fund raising event, celebration or award ceremony?

  • looking for a different activity for your corporate or social club event?


The benefits of offering free on-site massage at your next event are:

  • increased visibility and front of mind presence

  • additional opportunity to talk to prospective clients, as they stay at your stand longer

  • adding a powerful sales tool by increasing client contact time

  • more happy, relaxed, focused prospects for you to impress and educate

  • boosting performance with pre-event massage

  • reducing pain and stiffness with post-event massage

Let us help you make a difference with our event massage service. Chair massage works extremely well in settings where people are standing or walking around for long periods of time. A soothing and rejuvenating chair massage can do wonders for people in a hectic setting, relieving tension and making them more likely to stay longer. They will enjoy the event more when they are calm, pain-free and relaxed.

“Event massage works through relaxing both the muscles and the mind, which it is thought is achieved through an increase in blood flow and levels of endorphins [feel-good hormones] in the brain.” Professor Edzard Ernst, University of Exeter, UK