A preferred choice for call centres and businesses with larger staff numbers. Have a shorter specifically designed 5 – 10 minute neck and shoulder massages to energize staff. This is the most cost effective way to optimise staff performance and offer a fully clothed on-site massage service to more people in a shorter space of time with minimum disruption.

An “EnergizeNZ” Massage Therapist can massage 5 people per hour at their workstations each having a 10 minute massage, more when the massage times are shorter. For larger staff numbers we can provide as many therapists as are required over a 3-6 hr period.

If you’d prefer your staff to leave their workstations for a short period we can set up a massage chair near the workstations, in an adjoining office or in a corner of the room. Staff can then visit the massage chair at a convenient break time.

 “Benefits to your staff mean benefits for your business”


The benefits of micro sessions at your work station :

  • A quick, easy, effective, fully clothed, convenient massage option

  • Suitable for staff who can’t leave their work station at set times

  • You may continue to work if necessary

  • Specifically designed to relieve neck & shoulder tension in minimal time

  • Releases stress and tension in call centres

  • Relaxes, revitalises and energises the mind

  • Budget suitable for regular staff massages in large workplaces

  • Concession cards available for staff paid sessions

  • Pay therapist after they have completed the massage