Online Booking System

Welcome to our new online booking system. We aim to reduce office admin through our system as staff can manage their own appointments and make payments if the service is subsidised or company paid.

Here are the benefits

  • dummy Digital booking link to email to staff
  • dummy Personalized online calendar for your company
  • dummy Simple booking process
  • dummy Payment gateway with Debit Card/Credit Card and online banking options
  • dummy Easy cancelation/reschedule process (no cancelation on the day)

To organize your staff wellness events or monthly wellness maintenance session email

Covid19 updates to bookable

When making a booking you will be prompted to verify your vaccination status and complete the 4 Covid19 pre-service screening questions.

All information is stored securely within our company booking system.

Making a Booking

To help you understand how to make a booking we have prepared a small video showing you the simple process. Once you have made a booking, you will receive an email with your booking details and a smstxt will be sent to you 20min before you session on your wellness event.

Cancellation or reschedule your session

The online booking confirmation email has the option to – reschedule/cancel your session if for any reason you are unable to attend. The process is quite simple, and this video demonstrates how to use the reschedule or cancelation option.

(Please note, session must be cancelled 24hrs before event they can not be cancelled on the day once the therapist is onsite)

Email reminders and administration

Once you have an event in our system, we will send you a reminder email with the booking link to send out to your team so you can ensure your event is full and complies with our 2hr minimum booking requirement. The reminder email contains the following attachments and information :-

  • Heath information sheets for staff to complete on their first visit with therapist or update with any new health issues
  • Chair massage information – lets staff know what to expect on the day of the service
  • Therapist introduction
  • Post massage information sheet for staff who attend a session.