Our most requested service, chair massage is a great way to boost employee wellbeing and bring out the best in your staff.

Workplace massage is a proven way to relieve tension and increase staff productivity, while giving staff members a positive experience and a sense of their value within the company.

We provide comfortable, high-quality massage chairs and offer a clothes-on service suitable for the corporate environment. Our fully qualified therapist will set up the massage chair in a meeting room or office space, and staff members can come and enjoy their massage at their prebooked time.

Watch your team return to work more relaxed, more productive, and ready to perform at their best.

“Everyone in the office looks forward to their massage, walking out exclaiming how refreshed and energised they feel.”

Anna Fitzgerald-Squiz


  • dummyOffer the proven benefits of therapeutic massage, in a way specifically designed to maximise effectiveness and minimise interruption
  • dummyReduce the arm and shoulder tension that builds up over long periods sitting at a desk, and help to reduce susceptibility to injuries like GPI, RSI and OOS
  • dummyImprove your company culture by showing staff that their wellness is a priority
  • dummyBe confident that your clients are speaking with a happy and relaxed team
  • dummyMaximise staff productivity through increased energy and concentration levels
  • dummyFlexible payment options - you choose whether to fully fund your staff’s massages, subsidise the price, or allow your staff the time off work to enjoy a massage they can pay for on the day