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What are the benefits of corporate massage?

Massage has been proven to reduce stress, decrease fatigue, and improve energy - all factors that have a significant impact on your staff’s overall wellbeing. Studies show that improved employee wellbeing increases engagement, leading to better performance at work and the development of a caring, healthy workplace culture.

Employee wellness is becoming increasingly important for Kiwi businesses. Offering corporate massage is an easy, enjoyable and stress-free way for you to meet your duty of care to your team, and add a fresh element to your wellness strategy.

Massage also helps to reduce the arm and shoulder tension that builds up over long periods sitting at a desk, and decreases susceptibility to injuries like GPI, RSI and OOS.

What kinds of massage do you offer?

EnergizeNZ provides onsite therapeutic massage, where one of our experienced massage therapists comes to your workplace or event. Our therapists all receive specialised training in corporate massage techniques. Our massages focus on the neck, shoulders, and upper body. Please visit our Services page for more specific information.

How often do we need to have a massage session?

We can come to your workplace as often as you need - whether that’s every week, once a month, or for the occasional ‘one-off’ session.

Our clients have indicated that they achieve the best results with regular fortnightly massages. We recognise that every business and industry is different, and encourage you to experiment with massage frequency until you find the right fit.

How does your booking system work?

We’ve made our state-of-the-art online booking system as easy as possible! Once you select the time and date of your EnergizeNZ visit, we email you a unique booking link. All you need to do is send this link on to your team, and individual staff members can book their massage at a time that best suits them.

Our system doesn’t require any maintenance or follow-up from your administration or reception staff, and if you do have any questions our friendly team are just a phone call away. Staff receive two automated reminders before their massage (an email the day before, and a txt 20 minutes before the session). We don’t want anyone to miss out on their massage because they’ve forgotten to check their calendar.

We have a smaller office, and can’t set aside a room for your therapist to use. Can you still help us?

Absolutely! We can set up a portable massage chair in the corner of a room or a small office space.

We would love to offer massages to our team, but our wellness budget is limited. Do you have flexible options?

We offer three payment options: massages can be fully employer-funded, employer-subsidised (tax-deductible), or staff-funded. Staff-funded massages still have a great uptake, and all you need to do is provide the space and allow your employees the time to enjoy their massage.

We offer online payment, or your staff members can pay the massage therapist in cash on the day of the appointment.

Can I trust that your therapists know what they’re doing?

Our team of massage therapists are fully qualified, with a minimum NCEA Level 4 certificate, and receive specialist training in workplace massage techniques. All of our therapists have Indemnity and Public Liability insurance cover, current First Aid certificates, and Police clearance. Many also work within private or clinical practices as well as their work with EnergizeNZ.

We’re very proud of our therapists, and are confident that you’ll always receive exceptional service from a caring, friendly professional.

We’re planning an event and are budgeting our costs. Can you send us a quote?

We’re happy to provide quotes - just call us or fill out our enquiry form. We’ll talk to you and make sure we have a thorough understanding of your requirements, then will send you a no obligation quote within 24 hours.

For Staff

Frequently Asked Questions For Staff

How do I book a massage?

When your company organises an onsite massage event, they’ll provide you with our unique booking link. You can use this link to schedule a massage at a time that suits you. Our booking system is completely online, and has been designed for easy use.

We’ll also send you two reminders (an email the day before, and a txt 20 minutes before your session) so you don’t miss out.

Will I have to remove my clothes?

All our massages are fully clothed, although we might ask you to remove a jacket, necklace or tie, or undo the top button of your shirt to make sure your neck area isn’t restricted.

Our massage therapists are friendly and professional, and will make sure you feel comfortable during your appointment.

Will the massage be painful or unpleasant?

Massages are tailored to your needs - we want you to enjoy the experience and feel the full benefits of a great massage! During the massage, our therapist will check in regularly with you to make sure you’re comfortable.

Can I have a massage if I’m currently seeing my Doctor or Physio for a problem?

It will depend on the medical issue you’re currently experiencing - in some cases our therapist may need you to get clearance from your medical professional, and may adapt the massage.

Before your appointment you’ll be asked to complete a Health form, so we can make sure massage is suitable for you.

I’m pregnant - can I still have a massage?

Our company policy is to offer massage from 14 weeks onwards - when your pregnancy is more stable and you’re less likely to be experiencing morning sickness. If you have any concerns, please check in with your medical practitioner before booking your massage.

I’ve had an urgent meeting come up - can I cancel my massage?

If possible, we would appreciate it if you can swap your time with a colleague - our massage sessions are usually fully booked and we don’t want anyone to miss out. If you have a bit more notice, let us know and you may be able to reschedule for another time or day.