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We often get asked questions about our corporate massage service. By sharing we hope that you will find the answers you’re looking for too.

If not please call us on 022 171 0142 or Contact Us and we’ll get back to you

Absolutely. Call us or fill out our inquiry form. We will call you and find out exactly what you might want, then give you a free no obligation quote within 24 hours to help you plan your event.

This depends on what you would like to do as we work with you to meet your needs. Whether that’s every week, fortnight, month, occasionally or a “one off” session we don’t mind, just let us know and we’ll fit around you and your team.

Our company policy is to offer massage to staff from 14 weeks gestation onwards once your pregnancy is more stable and you have less morning sickness. If you have any concerns then to get clearance from your LMC before giving you’re a massage.

Depending on your “problem” our qualified Therapist will ask you to get clearance from your medical professional and if necessary adapt the massage to suit your needs. Everyone fills out our “Health” form to make sure massage is suitable for them and we check in with you on massage day to see how your feeling.

Massages are tapered to your needs so we check in regularly using a pressure scale to make sure you are comfortable and enjoying your massage experience.

Please treat your appointment the same as you would with any health professional. On the day try and swap with a colleague or if possible defer your call or meeting. If you have more notice rescheduling for another time or day is appreciated.

No. In this case we encourage companies to subsidize their staff if their budgets will allow by a small amount. Otherwise staff can pay for their own massages and they might have the time off work for a massage. We also offer an online booking and payment facility to make life easier – or you can pay the therapist on the day in cash.

Yes. We can offer you massages at your work station or set up our portable massage chairs in a corner of a room or a small office space for more privacy. Having a chair massage does allow your body to be fully supported and you can really relax.

Most workplaces offer a 15 minute massage time frame as this is long enough to make a difference, loosening up your muscles and releasing your stress levels. Options of 20, 30 & 40 min massages are possible or booking a double appointment.

However a shorter 5-10 minute massage which just targets the neck and shoulders can also offer effective relief. We work to your workplace requirements.

All our massages are fully clothed although we may ask you to remove a jacket, necklace, tie and undo the top button of a shirt to make sure you’re neck area isn’t restricted. Some workplaces have table massages – muscles that are being massaged with a wax are exposed like a regular massage with surrounding areas covered.

Our therapists are fully qualified with a minimum NCEA level 4 training and receive training in our specific workplace techniques. They have Indemnity& Public Liability insurance cover, First Aid Certificates, Police clearance and work within their clinic practices too. Many belong to Massage NZ whose code of ethics we follow. Our aim is to work within your environment in a professional, seamless manner